My career in technical, professional, and trade book and software publishing and in bookselling has embraced copywriting, creative management, direct marketing, book club directing, and merchandising.

Over the last decade at Barnes & Noble.com I used my copywriting, creative, and sales analysis skills to merchandise books and software in nearly two dozen categories — from Business, Computing, and Medicine to Sex and Relationships.  Notably I helped grow BN.com’s Rosetta Stone language software line from $800K to over $3 million in 3 years.

In online copywriting my goal is to pare down my client’s central marketing concepts into actionable benefits, embracing targeted keywords that can deliver relevant search results and drive interested traffic.

I’ve managed the building of minisites offering more than 1,500 SKUs, collaborated with creative services, merchandisers, and email marketers to coordinate construction and meet unforgiving deadlines, and written, edited, and proofread copy to meet exacting standards.  I’m comfortable marking up copy with basic HTML tags, using Google AdWords to research keywords, and tweeting to pique curiosity and clickthroughs on Twitter.  I’ve also used Google Analytics and Coremetrics’ web metrics platforms to track and enhance customer traffic.

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